Brian Wright is a 2011 graduate, magna cum laude, of Colorado Mesa University with baccalaureate degrees in writing and literature. During his time on campus, his fiction and poetry won top prizes in the campus publication, The Literary Review. He has been Associate Editor of the literary journals Pinyon and The Zodiac Review and his writing has appeared in Rock and Ice Magazine and The Mountain Gazette. 

When not writing, Brian enjoys hiking, backpacking, whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, and spending time with his wife and his dog, Otis. Though frequently traveling, Brian and his family usually refer to Alaska as home.

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  1. Hi I added you on Twitter. I write too, I'm a nurse, in charge of developing practice in children and family community care but also ask my life have written. Founding member of a writer group, did an anthology, then after the kids grew up I went to do my master's in creative media practices, specialising in creative writing, playwriting, screenplay and also final module included a book I've done zero with after university. Took really ill but now part time nurse and when able working on book. Really liked your article Twitter took me to. Will read more. Do you think a blog helps you progress as a writer as I've never tried a blog? Many thanks, Kirsty

    1. Blogging is good practice at writing skills and can help build your writing platform. However, it got to the point where it was taking time away from my "real" writing so I quit doing it. I apologize for taking so long to respond. I wish you the best of luck!