My blog. The creative space in which the chaos of my brain spills entertaining nonsense (sprinkled with occasional moments of clarity) into the world of the interweb. I have no theme or unifying topic; I blather on about anything from horses to the ancient Mayans to writing to literary theory. I do my best to keep it from becoming repetitive and always strive to keep it entertaining.

A thorough list of my blog posts by category:

Funny, sarcastic, silly, ridiculous. All lighthearted blog posts that happened on days when I didn't want to take the world too seriously.

-What Really Scares Me
-A Slytherin? Really?
-If I Only Had a Tail...
-Writers are Sexy
-Ten Signs You've Taken Your Writing Obsession Too Far
-Wondrous Things Uncovered While Moving
-Everything I Needed to Know About Happiness I Learned From My Dog
-Fun With the Shakespearean Insult Generator

Writing About Writing
One thing you will find about writers is we tend to write about writing. If you are interested in taking dubious advice from one un-published novelist, then these posts are for you

-Seducing Your Readers With a Perfect Page One
-Forging Your Idea for a Novel: Pre-writing Tips
-Surviving the First Draft of Your Novel
-Tips on Editing Your Novel
-Platform Building for the Modern Writer
-Fiction Writers Can Save the World!
-How to Publish: Indie vs. Traditional
-Word Wars: What Makes a Great First Paragraph?
-Word Wars: Best Paragraph Vote Results and Analysis
-How to Deal With Negative Criticism

Book Reviews
Writers are pathetic bibliophiles by nature (a good writer is at least) so another topic you will find in significant supply on most writers' blogs is books. Sometimes when I can think of nothing creative, I scratch a few words about the latest novel I've read.

-Five Books that Left Me Feeling Icky
-Five Sci-fi/Fantasy Series that Tickled the Writer in Me
-Brilliant Books I Couldn't Finish
-Letters, Obsession and Book Reviews
-Hugh Howey's Wool: Proof the Indie Model Can Work
-Two Books Reviews (and a Rant About Social Media)
-A Earthquake, and a Book About Earthquakes

Once again you may be skeptical about taking pedantic lessons from an unproven voice, but occasionally in my education, studies and research I came across some interesting facts or bits of knowledge that I feel like sharing.

-What Writing Fantasy Taught Me About Horses
-Fantastic Medieval Ships (And Where to Find Them)
-Ten Facts You Probably Didn't Know About the Ancient Mayans

Some days I miss the brain-stimulating time when I was locked in a classroom discussing great ideas with my peers. On those rare events I sometimes try my hand at a bit of literary criticism or some other such knowledge-driven works that hearken back to my days at the university.

-In Defense of Epic Fantasy
-Stuffing a Play Down Your Boot
-Hamilton and Kvothe: The Lin-Manuel Miranda Connection
-Children are Our Future; Make them Readers
-The Everlasting Journey of the Hero
-The Thing About Fences

Author Interviews
Interviews with indie/small press authors whose novels I have read and enjoyed and are worth your time also.

-Fergal F. Nally: Aes Sidhe
-Cindy Tomamichel: Druid's Portal
-Abby Goldsmith: City of Slaves

Outdoor Essays
Those who know me or follow my writing know that the outdoors is a big part of my life. Kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, mountaineering, camping. The great natural places of the world are where I weave the web of inspiration that catches me on days when I am falling. A few essays about my adventures in the wild places of the world.

-Not Conquerors, Merely Survivors
-The Call of the Sawtooths
-The Day I Could Have Died Rock Climbing

And finally the catch-all for those blog posts that just don't seem to fit anywhere else.

-What it Means to Be Alaskan
-My 50th Blog Post: A Look Back
-The Best Year in Years
-Me in Twelve Pictures
-Bookmatcher: A Website to Help Indie Authors Find Their Target Audience
-10 of the Most Beautiful Places I've Ever Seen
-An Ode to the Burden of Journalism
-How I Discovered the Fountain of Youth
-The Ancient Mayans Were Disgusting...and So Interesting
-Rock and Roll Superbowl: Beatles vs. Rolling Stones
-Not All Who Wander Are Lost
-18 Days Up the Coast

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