Thursday, December 1, 2016


World War Two novel
Crossing the Rhine River in Germany 1945
The story of Albert Aldrich: writer, stoner, caretaker of his broken family, and part-time peeping tom. When Albert discovers a long-forgotten cache of his grandfather's journals, he embarks on a quest to tell his grandfather's story. He might create a better ending for them both.

In this sprawling epic novel, readers get both the story of Albert Aldrich, a broken and troubled young writer, and of Micky McKeever, his war-ravaged grandfather. While Albert attempts to bring meaning to his disappointing and downwardly spiraling existence, he encounters an outspoken city-girl who might strike the perfect balance to his rural Alaskan life. Mick, on the other hand, is a wildly popular musician and a GI in the 89th Infantry. Mick meets a gorgeous and independent nurse named Cassie and the two strike a thrilling romance with the worst possible timing.

The two narratives of Albert and Mick come together with fantastic complexity as Albert struggles to fashion a better denouement for them both.

Novel excerpts:

Prologue- The Storm
A crabbing boat is in trouble in a Bering Sea storm and the Captain grapples with life and the state of his soul.

Part 1- Albert in Alaska
Albert Aldrich struggles to balance his life as a writer, caretaker of his family and full-time enthusiast of marijuana.

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