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Epic High Fantasy novel
Castle of New America
It is 1,692 years since the mysterious "Great Death" nearly brought North American civilization to its knees. Humanity has now risen from the ashes. The Union of New America (a tenuous agreement between four semi-autonomous kingdoms) has reached its Tercentennial. With the expiration of the term limit of the wildly popular Supreme Chancellor at hand,, the lords and ladies of the realm coalesce in the capital to vote for her successor. Many, however, fear that chaos may reign unlike any the realm has ever seen.

Vallario Roberts is the youngest prince of a powerful house who prefers the comfort of his family’s vast library of books to travelling and adventure. Val parries criticism from his twin sister and older brother for his obsession with the “Forbidden Chamber,” a Holy-Grail-like myth. Just when it seems he might unlock the Chamber’s long-hidden mysteries, however, his family’s castle is overrun by surprise enemy. 

Jeffrey Greenborne was born a commoner with a dubious backstory but his record-shattering scores on the “K-Plan” examinations ignite a meteoric rise to power, leading ultimately to his appointment to the executive throne of the Kingdom of Pent. This unprecedented promotion engenders a surge of controversy, and Jeffrey faces widespread criticism and protests. As the war progresses, Jeffrey reveals an invention he hopes could change the tide of war in their favor. 

map of New America
Allison Rose is the sociopathic daughter of a vicious tyrant. Disgruntled with the disgraceful behavior of his daughter, her increasingly powerful father punishes her with a marriage to the unattractive son of the
poorest lord in his kingdom. 

In the northern kingdom of Dehn, Karloh Haldar, a black-skinned captain of an elite fighting unit, leads two companions on a “supreme secret” spy mission. Using his immense skill, Karloh uncovers a secret fortress  and barely escapes with his life. With his loyalties torn, he sets course across the war-torn realm, searching for his nearest ally . 

A young commoner named Josafina Clarke laments her arranged engagement to the awkward son of a low-ranking baron. Though her friends and parents can’t understand why she isn’t excited to join the nobility, Josie wishes only for the freedom to marry who she wishes. In the meantime, she discovers a mysterious book in her family’s attic that seems to be written in the language of the long-dead culture, the “Vegar.” 

On the open oceans, a famous cartographer named Hagar Ahnalli moonlights as a drug smuggler. His latest load of contraband promises to bring him enough wealth to retire from smuggling forever. To be successful, however, he must elude mutiny, dangerous enemy ships, and, worst of all, the dark depths of his past. 

Deep in the derelict ruins, Djhaka Hes’ah is the female chief of an unaffiliated tribe of cannibals. Constantly fighting against the doubt and criticism for being a woman and for her efforts to upend old customs she views as archaic (i.e. cannibalism), she displays her strategic and military brilliance. 

A poor merchant named Franco Mulberry is travelling with his recently orphaned 10-year-old niece, Trisha, to a tournament that promises rich financial rewards. Franco steps uneasily into his role as a surrogate parent and struggles to strike a balance between his duties to her and his desire to take advantage of the rich economic opportunity. Franco and Trisha become embroiled in a besieged city and are caught between the realm’s biggest warring armies. 

In the farthest southern region of the Union, Jewel Hernandes is the daughter of a deposed king who was executed for alleged high treason. Resentful by the erosion of the language and culture of her people, she and her cousin-turned-lover are plotting to overthrow the “White Usurper” who’s been put in her father’s place. 

Prologue- The Letter
A messenger rides deep into the desolate North to deliver a letter from the Supreme Chancellor to a most terrifying destination.

Chapter 1- To the White City
Vallario Roberts and his family arrive in the White City to take part in the Five Years Fair, a massive festival whose ultimate conclusion will be the election of a new Supreme Chancellor 

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