Non-fiction essays are one of my primary modes of creative expression. They are a vehicle to make sense of my many adventures. They help me interpret this strange world.

mountaineering essays
Arrow Peak and Vestal Peak in the San Juan Mountains
of Colorado
Climbing mountains has been a bottomless source of inspiration. Nothing is more gratifying than the rarefied air on the summit of a high peak. After so much hard work, reaching the top is a perfect metaphor for overcoming the challenges of life.

Mount of the Holy Cross is one of Colorado's most beautiful and most famous mountains. It has also been the sight of some of its worst accidents. This article explores the beauty of this incredible mountain as well as some of its unique dangers.

whitewater kayaking essays
Whitewater kayaking on the Rio Jondachi in Ecuador
There is something elemental about water. We are largely made from it. Soft and refreshing on one hand, yet powerful enough to cut stone. Communing with water is a pastime that stretches back to the formative years of my childhood. Today, I enjoy whitewater rafting and kayaking as a way to continue my love affair with the river.

The Dark Heart of the Arkansas
Facing one of the most famous and challenging sections of one of the most popular rivers in the world: the Arkansas. But it isn't just class IV whitewater that forms the major obstacles, but ourselves and the indelible reach of time.

rock climbing essays
The author climbing a desert tower in Colorado National Monument
Intensely physical and mental, rock climbing is one of the ultimate challenges of mind and spirit. While I have never become an expert, I have learned as much from scaling shaded rock faces as I have from nearly any other activity I spend my time pursuing.

The Chipped Footsteps of a Pioneer
Otto's Route in Colorado National Monument is one of the most famous and historic climbs in Western Colorado. But is it a mega-classic or a manufactured abomination?

Stranded: A Near-Epic on Independence Pass's Monitor Rock
Stranded 300-feet off the ground with our rope stuck and a chilly fall night fast approaching. How you handle yourself in adversity sometimes defines you.

The Subway; Zion National Park
A catch-all for writing of all other sorts: adventure, political, historical, spiritual, anything else that I am inspired by and have chosen to write about.

The Comfort Zone: Colorado Boy Meets Central America
There is something enlightening about pushing yourself out of your normal bounds, as a trip to the jungles, coral reefs and Mayan ruins of Belize recently taught me.

The Tunnels of Zion
Zion is one of the most breathtaking of all our National Parks. But those tight slot canyons hide not just incredible beauty but stark danger as well.

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