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  1. Hi Brian!
    I found your project through a shared post on facebook (Cindy in SciFi Roundtable). Thank you for your project. Congratulations on tackling the coding, and here I will give you some feedback - there were a few spots where I would have liked to give a rating for the entry - either on a scale from one to ten, or a series of radio buttons (LOTS, plenty, some, just a hint, NONE) or similar. I'm talking about things that might be triggers in readers - sex and violence particularly - my book has no sex, but there is a hint of attraction. Also, my book has action and violence, but it is not bloodthirsty - the survey doesn't let this information reach the reader - and they might want it. That's my 2 cents. THANK YOU! I signed up for your newsletter

    1. Excellent feedback. That gives me a few things to think about and work on when I do the full release. Thanks again for your time!