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For me, writing and storytelling are what I do. I write professionally. I write for fun. Of my numerous hobbies, writing is my most cherished. This section of the blog is a collection of some of my favorite moments from many years with a pen in hand or fingers tapping their strange music on my keyboard.


Non-fiction essays are one of my primary modes of creative expression. They are a vehicle to make sense of my many adventures. They help me interpret the strange world that plays out before me.

Short fiction is oft-touted as a truly American genre. In the 20th and 21st century there is no denying its power. Publications like Best American Short Stories and countless literary journals have delved deeply into the vast stores of short fiction and there seems to be no bottom.

The great novel is one of the most famous expressions of storytelling. A well-written novel can take you on a journey. It can make you laugh, or cry. It can stoke and transform your imagination.

Poetry brings voice to the ineffable. It surfaces emotion that would otherwise sink. Perhaps more than any other writing mode, poetry celebrates the power of a single word and how it interacts with others.

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