Saturday, June 13, 2020

A New Song

Life as an artist, in all guises we artists come, is far from easy. What market exists is often concentrated at the top, into those fortunate enough to have "struck it big." Those lucky, talented few who have captured the imaginations of pop culture fans seem to live a luxurious, jet-set lifestyle while the rest wallow in the mires of obscurity and financial toil. We "starving artists," however, are always quick to argue that we create our art for the love and passion of the pursuit, for the pure joy of conjuring something completely original and novel seemingly from the ether, and that is true. However, in the hearts of almost all of us, lives a longing to join that rarefied club who clamber up the proverbial ladder to the top. Perhaps not even the highest rungs, but high enough that we can quit our cubicle jobs and meet that threshold of success where we could look someone in the eye when asked what we do for a living and answer, without deceit, "I am a musician. A writer. An artist..."

Anyway, enough digression. Here is a new song I recently recorded and released on Soundcloud. I've been playing with the technique of melding acoustic and electronica music and this song is one of the best examples yet of this new attempt at conjuring something fresh and original (as aforementioned). Please enjoy. Or don't, if it's not to your taste. And as always, I am open to feedback and well-worded, well-intended criticism...


  1. I just recorded some nonsense, less is more, guitar work to this, but am too self conscious to ever submit it back to ya. I think even the non creatives amongst us want to create something beautiful. It is the human condition to want to make beauty and be understood. Hell, even the understanding part is not necessarily requisite. Anyhow, I have, and always will admire you, and even at times have been jealous of you, for your talents and creativity. Nurture, cherish, and tend to your to your creative garden, as it will grow with you in ways you can't fathom yet. Hell, that was cheesy. In short keep up the strong work buddy!